First of all, we must announce our winner for this month’s Here’s To Us Challenge – it’s…

Sharon O.

She has been busy taking care of her husband who had shoulder surgery last month.  She says: 

“I am not a nurse for me to wait on him and help him with meds, etc. has been both challenging and good for us. We made it.”  🙂

And we are happy to help you celebrate!  Enjoy a night out on us Sharon, and thanks for being a part of our Vineyard!

Following are Slices from our Valentine Dinner at home.  If you click on the food pictures it will take you to the recipes we used, which we have posted on our daughter’s Food Blog:

Appetizers while watching the sunset!
Keeping warm by the fire
Dinner: Roasted Pheasant, Wild Rice and Asparagus
Gift to enjoy watching after dinner
Dessert: Bananas Foster

How did you celebrate Valentines Day?  Our tradition is to have a romantic dinner at home.  We’d love to hear yours!

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2 Responses to Slices

  1. Barbara says:

    Ours was an at-home celebration too. I recently discovered a couple of different cook-books for romantic meals that use “aphrodisiac” ingredients and used them as a jumping off point to make Boullibasse which is pretty much a one dish meal and a no bake chocolate creme pie. Our evening was interrupted by a last minute b-day party for our nephew and the need to pick up the kids from basketball practice but we aren’t a couple who puts too much emphasis on the day as THE most romantic day of the year anyway. So we ate, we opened a special bottle of wine, we relaxed on the couch together and read and when it was time for bed I unveiled something very tiny to see if those aphrodisiac ingredients were what they had been claimed to be. 😉

    My husband gave me the best Valentines Day surprise by changing his FB profile pic to one of us taken as we left the church on our wedding day. It’s a pic that he says takes him back to the happy excitement of that day nearly 21 years ago 🙂


    • Debi Walter says:

      What a fun night, Barbara! We, too, experimented with the aphrodisiac foods. It was a fun experiment that may have some truth to it! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!!


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