A Fragrant Aroma – Perfect Balance

Today I’m taking you on an excursion.  You’ve just been dropped off at San Diego State University Campus for your first ever WordPress WordCamp.  What’s a WordCamp you ask?  All I know is it’s THE place to go to get questions answered you never knew enough to ask.  If you’ve been blogging long, that sentence makes perfect sense.  If not, hang on because it won’t be long until it will.

Back to our excursion.  Tom dropped me off so I could play with words all day while he played golf with his dad.  It was going to be a perfect day for both of us – at least this is what I had hoped.

You see I walked into the building where the Camp was to take place at 8a. and there wasn’t a soul in sight.  No where.

Not one breathing human being.  Then, I got spooked.  Maybe I shouldn’t be in the large empty building – alone.  So I called Tom to have some connection with the outside world while I walked quickly out to the street.  As we chatted I remembered passing a Starbucks only a couple of blocks away.  It seemed like a good place to walk to briskly to make it look I knew where I was and why I was here.  Plus it killed a bit of time.

After my Starbucks nerves kicked in, I walked back to the building.  This time I had success.  I followed a lady who said the WordCamp was taking place a block away.  Ah! It was going to be a good day after all.  Her name was Jenny.  I now knew someone at the camp, so I wouldn’t be a complete stranger.

I walked in to the foyer where I was given a T-shirt that makes me feel really smart – it says “Code is Poetry” on the sleeve.  I like it; not that I have a clue how code can be poetry, but it’s like those Holiday Inn commercials; it makes me feel smart.  🙂  I’m drifting…sorry.

The WordCamp began with about 250 people from all walks of life attending.  I thought I might be the “grandma” in the group, but surprisingly there were people from all different ages and occupations.  I met one lady, who has since become a friend on FB who manages over 51+ websites and she’s close to my age.  We hit it off quite well, and she was as interested in what we do on The Romantic Vineyard as I was in what she does.  This was the case with everyone in the room.  They were helpful, informative and most of all – friendly.

The highlight of the day for me was the last schedule event –  The Town Hall meeting with Matt Wullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress.  He is a young man with a kind demeanor.  He shared his story of how WordPress began and what he desires for it to be.  (If You click the link on his name you can hear his entire story – very interesting!) In every decision he makes he considers first the end user’s experience and then works backwards to find an answer to make it happen.  He said the most fulfilling part of WordPress to him, and has been from the beginning, is the idea that someone who knows nothing about blogs or websites can sign up and in a short amount of time have an amazing site up and running.  He said this with sincere humility.  He wasn’t impressed with himself or what he had done.  He was glad to be a part of the great team at Automattic – his think tank he calls the grandchild of WordPress.  He spent over an hour casually sharing his vision with us and answering all questions as honestly as he could.  I was impressed.

Afterward I was able to get my picture taken with him.

I learned so many things, but one of my favorites was making a QR Code for The Romantic Vineyard.  I learned by asking someone how he got a QR Code on his business card.  He answered, “It’s simple – you want to make one?  Here, I’ll show you.”  And he did.  Here it is:

My day was an absolute blast.  I love the WordPress community.  And I love my husband for letting me go.  When he picked me up I was happy to see his familiar face.  I opened the door, plopped in the seat and clicked my seat belt.

Before we pulled out of the parking lot Tom asked, “So, how was it?”

I think I talked all the way to Los Angeles – a two hour drive. 🙂

I am grateful for Tom who encourages me to go and learn something new, listens to what I’ve learned and then, helps me apply it.  He is my one constant in our ever-changing world, and I thank God for how He’s helped us both learn to balance each other in the process – one day, one blog post at a time.

How does your spouse encourage you to learn new things?  Do you support their dreams as well?

This is post #22 in The Ultimate Blog Challenge to post everyday in July.

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Tom and Debi have been sharing encouragements through their blogs for many years. Marriage, Reading God's Word and documenting family history is our focus. Growing in our relationship with the Lord is primary in all we say, write or do. We are grateful for all who desire to join us in the same endeavors.
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  1. Thanks, Debi. This was the next best thing to being there. I am particularly jealous of being in San Diego. I tried to close my eyes and go there with you today, but then I couldn’t read your lovely post.


    • Debi Walter says:

      🙂 Did you watch Matt’s interview? You can find it by clicking on his name. I think you’ll really enjoy it! I know I did!


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