Mark Your Calendar

Today we are doing something completely different for Labor Day – we are having a couple stay with us whom we have never met in person.  We are quite excited as this couple has been instrumental in helping us grow our Vineyard for God’s glory.  Paul and Lori Byerly, whom you may know as The Generous Husband and The Generous Wife, will be here soon.  We plan to glean as much as we can from this couple who have been blogging for over a decade.  And most of all we plan to have F.U.N. showing them hospitality and some of our favorite places in Orlando.

♥ Fun Dates To Celebrate ♥

Sept. 5th

  • Cheese Pizza Day – “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie….”

Sept. 6th

  • Read A Book Day – a great way to spend a quiet evening.

Sept. 8th

  • National Date Nut Bread Day – Yep, there is such a day.  But if you don’t like date nut bread, just knock off the “nut bread” and call it National Date Day.  ♥
  • Pardon Day – there is nothing like the power of forgiveness to enhance your marriage.  Consider granting pardon to your spouse.

Sept. 9th

  • Teddy Bear Day – a great surprise gift, and if the teddy bear is holding a special gift it’s even better.

Sept. 10th

  • Swap Ideas Day – Hey, I have an idea…I’ll tell you if you tell me!

Sept. 11th

  • Make Your Bed Day – Seriously?  There’s a day for this?  Why not add a romantic note to your spouse so they’ll find it when you “unmake” the bed tonight!

♥ Things To Do In Orlando ♥

With it being Labor Day today we didn’t have time to peruse the many websites we normally do in order to provide you with a list of all that is happening in O-town this week.  But we don’t want to leave you with nothing at all, so check out Theresa Johnson’s About Orlando blog – she has listed the main events for your convenience.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day resting from your labor.

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