Happy Hour

Welcome to our weekly Happy Hour.  It’s the time when we share with you special blog posts of other marriage bloggers worth your time.  Enjoy your weekend!

Hot, Holy and Humorous

  • Come Over Here So I Can Slap You – a great list to see if you’re treating your spouse in a wrong way in regards to physical intimacy.  If you are, no need to worry – she’s not really going to slap you, but she will pray for you!  🙂

Journey To Surrender

  • What Do You Think? – Scott provides an excellent exercise which is quite simple to do and oh, so revealing.

Marriage Gems

Marriage Life

  • Never Alone – a great post with a great music video by Lady Antebellum.  We love great music around here and wanted to share.

Marriage Missions International

  • Going Beyond Your Commitment – an excellent article on cultivating commitment and intentionality in your marriage.  (NOTE:  Steve and Cindy Wright have invited us into their home in Tucson, AZ, this weekend.  As you read this, we’ll be visiting with them face-to-face.)  🙂

One Flesh Marriage

  • Hold That Pose – We absolutely LOVE this idea.  Hiring a photographer to do a couple photo shoot for a date night or day.  Check this one out if the only good pictures you have are from your wedding.
  • Smile For The Camera Guys – Brad encourages husbands to be onboard with their wife in having a photo shoot.  If you’re tempted to grumble about the photo shoot idea, read what this post has to say.

The Generous Husband

  • Is Your Shame Hurting Your Marriage? – We recently attended a marriage conference where an entire session was dedicating to exploring the effects of shame on marriage.  Paul hits this right on the head – a must read!
  • Is Her Shame Hurting Your Marriage? – The counter side of the first article.  Shame in any form in a marriage is detrimental.  Paul says to go after it like a cancer that it is.

The Generous Wife

  • No Whine Zone – the title speaks for itself.
  • Travel Talk – helpful tips on how to make the most of time you share while on the road.
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1 Response to Happy Hour

  1. Alecia says:

    Thanks so much guys! We love what you’re doing!


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