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I have become friends with a young mom of 4 children through a blog challenge I took part in during the month of July.  Her name is Lisa Graf.  She graciously asked if I would like to write a guest post on her Mom Blog.  Of course I said, “Yes.”

Below is the beginning of the article. You can finish reading the rest on her blog.  Enjoy!

What comes to mind when you think of a day at the spa? Soft music, healthy drinks and snacks, candle light, body treatments to soothe your body? Yes, yes and YES! A spa is THE place to go if one wants to relax and unwind.

Tom and I have been married for 32 and 1/2 years. In this time we raised three children who are all two years apart. We thought this would be great for our kids – to be close in age enabling them to share all of their life experiences and friendships together. What we didnʼt think about was all the major adjustments for us as their parents having to go through each stage simultaneously. We changed diapers for 6 – 7 years straight! We home-schooled our children, which meant we were teaching reading, writing and arithmetic all at the same time. We taught our teenagers how to drive one after the other for 6 straight years, and worst of all was paying for the car insurance for all of them at the same time! Yes, life was busy, hectic and lived to the fullest. We attended soccer practices, ballet recitals, basketball games – galore. There were band performances and even a Broadway production of Joseph, and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat that our two oldest children took part in. The memories are fond now, but after spending a week watching our two granddaughters (age 2 and 4), I am freshly reminded of how exhausting it is to raise a family.
When Lisa asked me to offer a guest post for the Mom Blog, I was honored. I took time to pray about what I could share that would be helpful to momʼs of children at home. How can romance be cultivated in the midst of such chaos? Itʼs possible, I know, because my husband made it a priority in our marriage. His initiation was never optional. From the moment our first child was born, he made it clear that our
relationship would always be primary. Now as we are entering the “Open Nest” season of our lives, I am beyond grateful for his wise leadership in this area. We are reaping the fruit of seeds heʼs sown in our relationship for 32 years, and it is good! 🙂
The idea I would like to share is simply an acrostic for the word SPA. I believe if moms would take the time to implement these three things, then romance would be sown in their marriage on a consistent basis. Moms are usually good at multi-tasking. They have to be. So I believe it wonʼt be difficult to do these three things:
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  1. torcon1 says:

    Debi, tremendous post – love the idea of a “marriage spa” and an “open nest” concept. Great stuff! I visited Lisa’s site as well!


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