October Challenge

Bees have been created by God to collect pollen from flowers in order to help the plants reproduce and to collect nectar to be used in making honey.  It is a process which is so common we tend to lose sight of how miraculous it really is.  They instinctively know where to find the flowering plants and remember how to return to the hive in order to complete the honey making process.  Bees not only make the honey, they eat it as well.

Why do we share this with you today? Because we are like the honeybees.  We are collecting not nectar or pollen, but information from you, in order to make honey we can all use to sweeten our marriages.

We are taking part in The Ultimate Blog Challenge for the month of October.  Basically, what this means is we are challenged to post everyday (31 to be exact) in October.  It is a good goal, but one we want to benefit you and your marriage in the best way possible.

So, we have a favor to ask. 🙂

We have created the following poll in order to discover the topics you most want to read about on The Romantic Vineyard.  Won’t you take a couple of minutes and take it?  And please share it with your friends by clicking the “Share This” button at the bottom of the poll too. The more input we have the better idea we’ll have of what our readers really want and/or need. Then, we will purpose to post about those topics for the entire month!  This will help all of us.

Thank you so much!    Also, we welcome comments if you would like to expound on any of your choices or share with us something we missed.  May God continue to bless you as you pursue growing your own Romantic Vineyard for His glory!

Select Four from the list:

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7 Responses to October Challenge

  1. Anonymous says:

    communication in conflict


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  3. Evan says:

    My wife and I married just under a year ago, and we’re now expecting our first child. We both wanted children and are super excted, but we’re both also a little scared, I think. It’s such a step into the unknown. I would definitely enjoy reading thoughts about keeping romance alive after the next generation comes along. =)


    • Debi Walter says:

      Evan, Congratulations! There is nothing like holding your first baby in your arms knowing he/she is the fruit of your love. We recommend our DRAB Dates, which is actually an acronym for Doesn’t Require A Babysitter. If romance is important to you now you will make room for it as the children are added to your home.
      Tom and Debi


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