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This week I’m finding it nearly impossible to make time for posting, BUT I did commit to the Ultimate Blog Challenge, and it bids me to continue on.  The picture above was the last cappuccino I’ve had since Tracy and Seth left – it was as delicious as it looks. Tom bought it for me at the Copper Coin Coffee Shop in Woodstock, GA.  I highly recommend the place.  Tracy says the girl who makes the capps makes all kinds of fun designs – I wish I knew how to do this.  It’s so artistic!

This is Monday.  The day we offer you fun date ideas and the list of what’s happening around Orlando.  I managed to pull together the first part of the post last night, but as for the events taking place in Orlando – I must refer you to Theresa Jacobs at  She always lists the major events happening, and I know you will find her list very helpful.

On Wednesday I head home from Atlanta after being away for 12 days.  I miss home, but once I get there I know I will miss my daughter and her family again.  It’s the disadvantage of living faraway. Something I don’t think I’ll ever get used to. The best part of our trip was knowing our daughter and son-in-law were having the time of their lives in California.  You can see it in their eyes:

To all our new subscribers – welcome.  We are so glad you’ve decided to join our Vineyard!  We pray you will find your visits here helpful and inspiring – the help part comes from us – the inspiring part – that comes only from God, Himself.

♥ Fun Dates To Celebrate ♥

October 10

  • Columbus Day – if you have the day off, why not visit “the ocean blue.”
  • National Angel Food Cake Day

October 11

  • It’s My Party Day – throw your spouse a surprise party for no reason.  Make it just the two of you and do all their favorite things.
October 12
  • Cookbook Launch Day – why not plan and cook a dinner together from a favorite cookbook.  This may just launch a new hobby.
October 13
  • International Skeptics Day – I’m not sure about this one, seems skeptical to me. 🙂
October 14
  • National Dessert Day – enjoy your favorite together.
  • World Egg Day – have eggs for dinner tonight, then have your own private Egg Hunt: fill plastic eggs with lots of rewards or things you love about your spouse.  Hide them all over the bedroom and enjoy being together.
October 15
  • Sweetest Day – Send your spouse this video with James Taylor singing, “How Sweet It Is.” 

October 16
  • Dictionary Day – why not write your spouse a love letter using lots of big words with unfamiliar meanings. Tell them to use the dictionary for all the definitions.
This is post #10 in The Ultimate Blog Challenge to post everyday in October.

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2 Responses to Mark Your Calendar

  1. You missed an important day- 12 October is the full-moon holiday of Sukkot.
    And, we had the same design imparted on our lattes when we broke the fast Saturday night at Poetry and Prose, an eclectic bookstore in Washington, DC. Obviously, the secret is shared among certain barristas.


  2. Seba Silver says:

    So fun! I love that there are so many unusual celebrated days in your calendar. I think I will try and find out if there are any odd days celebrated here in Croatia and write about them…. thanks for sharing your list.


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