Happy Hour

Encourage Your Spouse

  • Building Strength – Rest – This is part of a series Lori is doing on building a strong marriage. We purpose to do many things well in our lives, but are we purposing to build a strong marriage?

Hot, Holy and Humorous

  • When My Sex Life Sucked, Part 2 – very  helpful post for those struggling in this area or for those who are too busy raising a family to give this area much attention.

Intimacy In Marriage


  • Why I Cried When We Made Love – Julie shares another great post on the purpose and benefits of sexual intimacy in the midst of difficulty and pressure.

One Thousand Gifts

  • How to {Make} Love {Into a Marriage} – Since we’re spending these two weeks leading up to VD about defining true love, Ann Volcamp says it better than I ever could! If you only have time for ONE post to read, make it this one. It will bless you, heart and soul!

The Generous Wife

  • Be Generous – great motivation as to why we do what we do. And if you have an anniversary this month, be sure to comment.

The Pioneer Woman

  • Top Ten Food Picks For Super Bowl Sunday – the pictures alone will make your mouth water. Imagine how good this food will taste! Bless your husband and make something special for this annual American tradition!

To Love, Honor And Vacuum

  • 29 Days To Great Sex – Day One – Another excellent series that is sure to cover all the issues surrounding this vital part of a healthy marriage. Follow this blog to read all 29 posts. She’s on day three!
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