Spiritual Intimacy

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Today is the National Day of Prayer. It was established on the first Thursday in May beginning in 1988 by President Reagan when he signed it as a law in order to help America pause and consider the true source of help and hope for our country. This being the case, it seems appropriate to talk about the importance of spiritual intimacy in marriage.

As I write this I am flying over the Southern U.S. en route to Chicago. It is one of my favorite destinations, a place that holds many memories for Tom and me. We are cruising at an altitude of 35,000 feet, which always offers a unique view of the earth.

When we go about our daily routine it is easy to get caught up in the drama of the day. Our emotions play into our stresses, which can be a real source of anxiety, even fear in our hearts, thus affecting our marriage relationship. But from this vantage point the storm that looms large on the horizon seems small and insignificant. I am more aware of the beauty of the clouds than I am the effect of the storm.

In a similar way prayer helps us.

When we neglect this spiritual discipline as a couple, life and the problems that come with it can loom large causing us to worry. But when we choose to pray together about the things that trouble us, it’s as if the Lord raises our eyes above the trouble. He helps us notice the clouds of His faithfulness and makes the storms of life seem insignificant.

Do you and your spouse pray together? Is this something you purpose to do, but haven’t made time for? When was the last time you had the privilege of hearing what was on your spouse’s heart based on the prayer he/she prayed?

The Bible quotes Jesus as saying, “when two or more are gathered together in My name, I am there with you.”

Do we really believe that when we lie in bed at night, holding hands and offer a sincere prayer to God that He is right there with us? He is.

I think if we really believed we had His attention when we prayed together we would pray more regularly and fervently. In those moments God allows us to see our life and marriage from His vantage point—which is much higher than 35,000 feet.

So as we gather together to pray for our country this week, make time to pray with your spouse about the things closer to home; pray for your children, your parents, your co-workers, your church family. Pray for your pastors and your neighbors, but don’t forget to pray for each other and your marriage. Take time to linger in the presence of God and allow Him to give you both a fresh vision for what the next year can be. He sees it all, and He loves to help us see the future with eyes of faith, not based on what we see, but Who’s we are, and this makes all the difference!

Do you and your spouse pray together on a regular basis? If not, would you like to begin?

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Tom and Debi have been sharing encouragements through their blogs for many years. Marriage, Reading God's Word and documenting family history is our focus. Growing in our relationship with the Lord is primary in all we say, write or do. We are grateful for all who desire to join us in the same endeavors.
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  1. I’m up for preparing for work hours before my hunny wakes for her homeschooling day. So I do everything in my power to carve out time to call her from work each morning and pray with her. Praying together has done more towards bringing us closer to each other than ANY OTHER activity – ever. I can’t stress this enough… doesn’t matter if you’re a young couple or you’ve been together for 40 years. If you haven’t been praying together, start now! It is the BEST thing you can do for your marriage!


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