Happy Hour

It’s time for the Marriage Blog posts we’ve found “Special” this week. What a diverse set of topics, but we believe all will add value to your pursuit of a God-glorifying marriage. Enjoy…


Encourage Your Spouse

  • Encouragement Is An Investment – This is Lori’s first guest post on her husband’s blog. We love how they continually share the ways they encourage each other to be better people making for a better marriage. 🙂

Intimacy In Marriage

Journey To Surrender

Marriage Gems

  • Focus On Loving Communication With Your Spouse – Excellent reminder. We love this quote, “Loving communication is not about being right or wrong. It is about being considerate and aware of your partner’s feelings, even when you have to address problems.” Amen!
  • Are You Or Your Spouse Out of Work? Your input is requested for a research study on the effects of the economy on marriage. Please follow link to take the 20 minute survey.

Marriage Life

  • I Place No Hope In My Marriage – A great post you’ll have to read to understand the point. Here’s a quote we love, “Our friend Judy Brower in her book Simple Devotion states, “If my hope is in you, then I must cling to you. If my hope is in God, I am free to love you.”

Marriage Missions International

  • Dealing With or Dumping Garbage – Do you take out the trash regularly? Or do you leave it lying around for your spouse to deal with? An excellent metaphor as to how we deal with our or our spouse’s emotional garbage.

Mission Husband

One Flesh Marriage

Ship Bound For Tarshish

The Daily ReTort

  • Me, Myself And Lies – A powerful post about our ability to deceive ourselves into thinking we’re better than we are. How often we do this in our marriage avoiding the real issues which would help us change our relationship for the better.

The Generous Husband

  • Getting Closer, A Shortcut – a great post providing a quiz you can take to get to know your spouse on a more intimate level. You may surprised at some of the questions you don’t know about your spouse.

The Generous Wife

To Love, Honor And Vacuum

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