A New Week – A New Series

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a series, so we thought we’d offer a new one for you beginning tomorrow. The inspiration for this series was Debi spending 2 1/2 weeks with our daughter’s family following the birth of their third baby, our fifth grandchild. It was there where she was reminded of how difficult it is to cultivate romance in the midst of diapers and toddlers.

So we are naming this series: Diapers, Toddlers and Romance, Oh My! We have 6 parts to this series, and we pray you’ll invite everyone you know who is in this season of life to tune in. We have been praying for all who will hear, that God will use our words to help them navigate the rough waters of parenting little children.

Imagine if you will a little boat crossing the vast ocean. The water at times rises so high you think you’re going to tip. Then, there are the days where the water is warm, the sun is bright and all is going according to plan. Romance is possible on all these days because romance is a decision we make, not a feeling to pursue. Our aim with this series is to help you determine to romance your spouse regardless of the weather which changes from day to day.

Tomorrow’s forecast? Emotional and Exhausted, yet Expectant! But now we offer you some ideas on what’s happening around town.

♥ Things To Do In Orlando ♥



  • Altamonte Springs – Jazz Jams Uptown on Saturday, July 21st from 7p – 10p. FREE.
  • Mt. Dora – A Celebration of Gospel Music on the 4th Sunday of each month at Tremain’s Tavern located in Lee’s Lakeside Inn. 6p – 8p. Sunset dining is available for $18.95 p.p.


  • Casselberry – Christmas in July sponsored by Christian Help on Friday, July 20th from 6p – 9p. Enjoy food, music, raffles, silent auction and even an appearance from Santa himself. A great way to give of yourself this time of year.
  • New Smyrna Beach – Flagler Avenue Putt and Stroll on Thursday, July 19th from 5p – 9p.



Don’t forget our Summer Lovin’ Photo Contest taking place now through Labor Day. For details click here.


This is post #16 in the Ultimate Blog Challenge to post everyday in July.

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8 Responses to A New Week – A New Series

  1. I guess some days you are too pooped to pop…

    (Couldn’t resist…)


  2. shawn says:

    I’m so glad i am out of that season of our lives. But I remember it well two years apart in our itty bitty little house. I was tired and cranky a lot of the time and didn’t pay my spouse to much attention because I had three others needing me night and day. By God’s grace we made it. I hope your series will help out young couples and keep their romance alive.


  3. Kim Beckers says:

    Looking forward to this series, as a mom of 2 including a new born baby I can relate to this all to much! Thank you!


  4. Ruth says:

    I was reminded anew this last month when we had our two sons and DILs with yong families visit. One for 3 1/2 weeks! That’s a tough time and you forget(at least I did!). Praying your message reaches those who need it most.


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