Savoring Sunday

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Growing up I always looked forward to Sunday dinner. Dinner was the afternoon meal for my mom–supper was always the evening meal. On Sunday’s Mom would prepare a delicious roast beef, mashed potatoes with gravy, green bean casserole, glazed carrots, hot buttered-rolls, and jello salad. It was tradition.

Later, when my mom didn’t enjoy cooking as much, and we had more money, the tradition moved to Western Sizzlin Steak House. It was my Dad’s favorite steakhouse, and I loved the huge buttered potatoes. They certainly were the sweetest I had ever had. But my favorite part was following my Dad to the cash register. He would always buy me a York peppermint patty – 5 for .25 cents.

This being Sunday, I’m wondering if we’ve lost a great opportunity to make a lasting memory with our children each week. Sure we have the major holidays to look forward to. But what if we were to take Sundays and make it special in a routine sort of way? What could you do within your budget to make Sundays something your children (and you) look forward to each week? Certainly, we’re not encouraging neglecting attendance at your local church. This tradition is of first importance.

But afterwards, why not work on savoring Sunday. It may be the one thing your children remember most once they’ve grown up.

How do you savor Sundays with your family?


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3 Responses to Savoring Sunday

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am only 9 months in marriage today 🙂 and o bet its never too early to begin a tradition with my husband right away.


  2. My husband is a manager at Walgreens so he almost ALWAYS works Sunday afternoons which is a major bummer! Our Sunday schedule usually looks like this – drive one hour to our church in Delaware (we live in New Jersey), drive back home after church, grill something quickly and watch something funny on television (like a twenty minute Everybody loves Raymond lol). When he has off we spend it with good friends barbecuing, bike riding, walking, eating ice-cream and doing something outside!


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