Get Your Romance On

Photo Credit: To Chew blog

Photo Credit: To Chew blog

Diapers and jobs and schedules, oh my!

Yes, life is full of must-do’s, but it mustn’t negate our need and/or desire for romance. Our marriage is far too important to sideline this aspect of our relationship.

First, let’s be clear on what romance CANNOT do:

  • It can’t neutralize areas of conflict.
  • It can’t change your spouse – if they’re pragmatic, they will be so still.
  • It can’t solve your marriage’s problems.
  • It can’t guarantee better sex.

Second, let’s talk about what romance CAN do:

  • Helps you connect on a different plane than everyday life provides.
  • Gives you a reminder of your life and love before the responsibilities of marriage set in.
  • Let’s you have fun and laugh together.
  • Builds friendship and memories.
  • Sets the stage for honest communication, which can lead to the resolution of conflicts and better sex.

Lastly, let’s talk about how we can help:

  • Holidays, like Valentine’s Day are the perfect time to plan some romance. This is why we’ve provided a plethora of ideas under the Only Husbands and Only Wives tabs above. We invite you to share what you’ve done as well, by commenting on the specific headings.
  • Date night challenges encourage those who have forgotten how to romance their spouse in fun, inexpensive and regular ways. This is why in February we’re starting our first ever date night challenge called “Get Your Romance On.”
  • We are available to help you come up with specific ideas for whatever it is you’re wanting to do, like how I helped my daughter this past week-end. If you aren’t good at it but want to be, shoot us an e-mail at theromanticvineyard [at] gmail [dot] com. and we’ll do what we can to answer your questions and/or provide an idea that will work.

We’ve heard it said that the standard you live by is directly related to the degree of knowledge you have in that area. Thus those who are familiar with the importance of dating their spouse and have witnessed marriages that practice it have a higher standard of romancing their love than those who have not. This is our purpose, to encourage marriages to never let the romance die. It is an important aspect of cultivating your friendship, and shouldn’t be tossed aside as unnecessary.

Can a marriage survive without romance? Absolutely! But think of the fun and memories you’d be missing. 

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