4 Myths Of At-Home Themed Date Nights – Part 4

Image Credit: Cheryl Dossey

Image Credit: Cheryl Dossey

Myth #4 – I’m not creative!

Oh how many times we’ve heard this one. The best part of planning a themed date is it makes it easier for those who are not so creative.

Having the parameters of a theme narrows down your choices. 

For example, say your spouse enjoys golf. It’s too expensive to take them golfing, so you have to choose what to do. First, think of the food available on the golf course: sandwiches, hot dogs, chips, and candy bars. Next, decide on an activity that you could do that goes along with this theme. Why not plan to make your own putt-putt course in the house? Using solo cups numbered from 1 – 18, make 18 holes. You can layout each hole using rope to line the fairways. If you don’t have rope, use whatever you can find in your garage that would work. Remember the ball needs to bounce off the side rail in order to get to the hole. You could finish the night with a rendezvous at the 19th hole–your bedroom. 🙂

It’s true, there are people who think this way and there are those who don’t.

If you’re one who doesn’t think this way, don’t allow yourself to use this as a reason to never try. Instead, search our blog to find an idea that you think would be fun, and then do it. You may surprise yourself and enjoy it. If you don’t, learn from it and try something else.

Marriage is for a lifetime, why not make it the best it can be by actually having fun together? And fun is defined according to your likes and no one else’s. 

Myths in review:

  1. Themed dates at home are hokey.
  2. Themed dates at home are expensive.
  3. Themed dates at home are time-consuming.
  4. Themed dates at home – I’m not creative


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4 Responses to 4 Myths Of At-Home Themed Date Nights – Part 4

  1. I guess you haven’t seen some miniature golfers. It would require the replacement of dishes or the equivalent of child-proofing one’s home. That won’t make for a romantic evening.
    I’d vote for strip scrabble (after each play) or fingerpainting with washable, eatable colors.


  2. Adam's Eve says:

    I have to thank my mother and grandmother for passing on their fantastic hospitality skills and creative juices. I remember grandma coming up with all sorts of creative decorations for parties and all sorts of creative ways to give us our presents at Christmas and birthdays (a scavenger hunt, a pinata, a progressive dinner). I remember my mom planning themed weeks when we were in school and we “went on a cruise,” “went on an African safari,” “traveled the world,” “went to music camp,” and all sorts of other fun delightful adventures while in the comforts of our home and doing our lessons (since we were homeschooled). I can’t wait to try these ideas with my own kids someday. Both of them have been inspirational in helping me stretch my creative limits and think outside the box in my marriage and when planning date nights.


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