GYRO Week 2 – Coffee Shop

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Welcome to week two of our Get Your Romance On Challenge. We have several signed up for the entire 14 week date night challenge. However, we invite you to try one or more even if you’re not up to doing all 14. It’s going to be fun. On Monday we’ll open up the comments for those who are participating to share what they did or are planning to do.

This date is for the coffee lover and is very easy to pull-off.

coffee shop

Pick an area of your home with comfortable seating and a nice lamp for ambient lighting. If you don’t have a place set up already, consider moving some furniture to a cozy corner for the date. Think coffee shop cozy!

Prepare a light snack and hot beverages using the best mugs you have.

When your date begins tell your spouse to leave their cell phone in the other room. Tonight is a night to relax over a cup o’ joe together and talk. You can talk about current events, dreams or whatever else stirs your fancy. You just can’t talk about anything that will heat up the conversation. The only heat on this date should be in the cup or in your bedroom. 🙂 You can even play a game of chess or checkers found in  most coffee shops. If you want some good questions to get the conversation going, try our Date Night Questions tab at the top offering over 100 questions for great conversations starters.

Be sure to share with us on our GYRO tab at the top how your date went and what you did. We invite you to send us a picture if you like. We’d love to share it to give others an idea of what works. Just send it to: theromanticvineyard (at) gmail (dot) com. Click the tab and scroll to the week of the challenge. We want to hear the ones that don’t go so well too. We learn much from the dates that flop, so don’t be discouraged if this happens to you. There’s a whole lifetime to learn and grow in this area.

Check out our Date Night Ideas board on Screen shot 2013-02-22 at 8.43.16 AM for even more Coffee Date inspiration.


Taking part in the Challenge? Click on the GYRO Challenge button in the header and leave your comment under Week #2. 

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  1. Nikki says:

    This is one of our most favorite date nights in!!


  2. This TOTALLY sounds like a blast! Gonna have to try it!


  3. Teresa says:

    While I drink coffee, my husband drinks either Pepsi or iced tea


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