GYRO Week 3 – Alphabet Date Night

We’re curious to hear how the challenge is going so far? Have you found having an hour or so date each week to be easier and more enjoyable than you thought? What has worked and what hasn’t? 

Gyro - week 3This week’s date is to choose one letter from the alphabet and plan an evening around that letter. If you have trouble thinking up your own ideas, check out our Alphabet Date Ideas we did 3 years ago; there’s plenty of ideas from which to choose. And you’re sure to have fun. Be sure to join us on Monday and share what you did in our GYRO tab at the top of the page.

To close out our posts on glorifying God in our marriage, we want to share the following:

Photo Credit: Daily Grace blog
Photo Credit: Daily Grace blog

Sometimes it helps to have a worship song to help us remember what we’re resolving to work on in our life and marriage. We have found a great song by Remedy Drive titled, Glorify. We pray it will be a gentle reminder of the importance of glorifying God in your marriage–for as long as you both shall live.

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