Happy Hour

happy_hour_logo_cropped2It’s the time of the week when our attention turns to what God is saying through other marriage blogs we respect and enjoy. We call them our Specials of the Week! Enjoy!

Oh, and you might find it interesting that this is our 1,111th post. Now that’s something to celebrate!

Hope At Home

Intentionally Yours

  • Roots or Fruits – Part One – it matters what type of seeds you’re planting today. Great questions we should all ask ourselves on a regular basis.

Intimacy In Marriage

Marriage Missions International

One Flesh Marriage

  • That Still Hurts – we shouldn’t be surprised that past hurts can resurface with the same pain. It doesn’t mean we haven’t forgiven, just that as humans we haven’t forgotten. There is hope–please read!
  • Forgiven Hurts – the follow up by Brad from Kate’s post above. Read both and drink deeply of the well of wisdom shared.

And our final blog we want to highlight is our daughter’s new blog:

NonGmo Journal

  • Gluten-Free Pop-Tarts – Tracy came up with this recipe at our house last week when Bradley was missing these breakfast favorites. They are amazingly good!
  • Rejoicing In The Bathroom – The Bible says to “Rejoice with those who rejoice.” 🙂
  • About Nongmo Journal – In case you want to know more of why she is doing what she’s doing check out her About page.  Tracy doesn’t think she’s much of a writer…I disagree. I hope you’ll read some of her posts and give her some blogger encouragement. I believe she’s doing a great job, but then again…I am her mom. 🙂
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