What’s In Your Thoughts?

Photo Credit: The Funky Mirror Co.

Photo Credit: The Funky Mirror Co.

As Christians we are well versed on the Truth that God knows our thoughts, but do we really take this Truth to heart?

We subscribe to an e-mail devotional that takes the writings of several Puritan writers and re-publishes them for our benefit today. One of my favorites is James Smith. His words never fail to take a well-known Truth, hold it up to the mirror of my current situation, and bring illumination to where there was once darkness.

(James Smith, “God Knows Our Thoughts” 1859)

I know your thoughts!” Job 21:27

Do we pay sufficient attention to our thoughts?

Every thought has a character–it is either good or bad.

Every thought produces an effect–it either sanctifies or depraves.

Sin begins in thought;
holiness begins in thought;
misery begins in thought;
happiness begins in thought.

Thought decides the state of man–hence the Bible says, “As he thinks in his heart–so is he.”

We cannot tell what a man is by his words, nor always by his acts–but if we could get at his thoughts, we could. God attends to our thoughts, and he wishes us to do so. He asks, “How long shall your vain thoughts lodge within you?” He testifies, “I know the thoughts that come into your mind–every one of them!” Not only so–but Jesus has declared, “I am He who searches the thoughts and the heart!”

Reader, God knows the thoughts that come into your mind!

What thoughts are you allowing yourself to think? Are they thoughts to encourage your growth in godliness? Or are they thoughts you would rather no one else know? Your answer makes all the difference as to where you and your marriage will be in the years to come.

Spend time talking with your spouse about the things currently weighing on your mind.

Your spouse is God’s gift to you of close companionship in this life. There should be nothing you can’t share together. Sometimes it can be humbling to admit the things you’re afraid of or worried about, BUT GOD promises to give grace to the humble. Grace to resist sinful thoughts. Grace to turn from tempting thoughts. Grace to resist worrisome thoughts.

So, what’s in your thoughts right now? Are you willing to share them with your spouse?


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