GYRO Week 8 – Watch Your Wedding Video

Photo Credit: Kimberley Bednarski Anderson

Photo Credit: Kimberley Bednarski Anderson

This week’s date doesn’t take a lot of planning, but it is sure to bring back lots of memories. After dinner and once the kids are all sound asleep. Put on your comfy clothes and cuddle up on the couch to watch the day your marriage began. Use the pause button as much as you want to stop and talk about what you were thinking at the time, and consider how far you’ve come since that moment. Enjoy reminiscing.

As a bonus plan to play the song you chose for your first dance together, and do it again.


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9 Responses to GYRO Week 8 – Watch Your Wedding Video

  1. That is a FANTASTIC idea Debi – we’ll do it this weekend!


  2. Too bad some of us are too old to have a recording, must less a video! Ha.


  3. Hi Debi! Wow, what an excellent idea. I’m taking your challenge & doing it this week. 🙂


  4. I wish I had one too, but at the time no one really bothered with video. I have an album though and a lot of pictures that friends and family took on the day. Definitely worth getting that out – it is years since I looked at it. Thanks for the reminder.


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