A Marriage That Lasts


We have a friend, Beth, whose grandparents will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary in September. She happens to be the twin sister to an amazing photographer named Mary Fields. They used the questions from the back of my book, Through The Eyes of Grace, to interview their Grandma and Grandpa on their life and marriage. We were told it was an amazing day to sit and listen to their stories and watch the sparkle of love still twinkling brightly in their aging eyes.

Mary said, “As someone who sees couples at the starting line every week, it was an incredible encouragement to witness two people who have been running the race for a very long time. Side by side. Hand in hand. A committed team. Still very much in love.

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What will your marriage look like when you are about to celebrate so many years together?

Will there be a sparkle of love still twinkling brightly in your eyes for each other, or will the years erode away your love? The choices you make today will determine what your commitment will look like then. Choose to work hard and hopefully you’ll find yourself being interviewed by the next generation to discover your secret for lasting love.

You can read Mary’s entire post here, as well as see this adorable couple. And if you happen to live in Oklahoma, Mary Fields Photography is one of the best around. Check out her site and you’ll see.

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  1. blest wife says:

    The link to Mary’s post isn’t working for me. Is it just me? We are teaching a pre-marriage class this weekend and it might be something we want to share with them. Thanks!


  2. hiddinsight says:

    I just attended my grandparents’ 70th anniversary! Wow…incredible 🙂


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