Celebrate National Lasagna Day

Photo Credit: NY Daily News

Photo Credit:
NY Daily News

If you’re Italian you don’t need a day like this on the calendar. But if you aren’t–this is the perfect time to celebrate a classic dish.

Today is 

Graphic from: Self Taught Cook blog

Graphic from: Self Taught Cook blog

…and several restaurants in the Orlando area are offering the dish at half off for lunch or dinner. You might want to check your area to see if some restaurants are doing the same. We do know that Brio Tuscan Grill and Bravo Restaurants are offering the half-off deal, but quantities are limited and reservations are encouraged. Some are offering the deals today and some tomorrow. Be sure to check with your local restaurant before heading out.

But if you’re motivated to do so, why not plan a Lasagna Date Night with your spouse at home? It’s not that difficult and you might just start an annual tradition! Here’s how:

Planning A Lasagna Date Night

  • First, have fun with these facts about the dish. You can either read them together or make a trivia quiz out of them. Whichever your spouse would enjoy the most.
  • Second, make place cards using uncooked lasagna noodles. You can also use them to write out your menu.



  • Third, cook your favorite version of lasagna and enjoy with a nice chianti from Italy. Don’t have a good recipe? Try some of these from Pinterest.
  • Finally, don’t forget to play some authentic Italian music on Pandora. Create a station using “Godfather Film Score” for some great music.

What else can you think of to make this night a perfect date? Maybe a red checkered table cloth and some tapered candles set in empty wine bottles?

Finish the night by watching a famous Italian Opera, a good foreign Italian film (use discernment in choosing. We have not watched nor do we endorse any on this list.) You might settle for The Godfather. Or you might want to read some beautiful Italian poetry. For more humorous entertainment try I Love Lucy’s “Lucy’s Italian Movie.” Whatever your taste, this Lasagna Date Night is sure to satisfy all your spouse’s cravings.

Below is a fun music video appropriately titled, La-Lasagna, by Weird Al Yankovic to help motivate you and hopefully make you smile.

Buon Appetito!

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2 Responses to Celebrate National Lasagna Day

  1. Now how about that… I’ve been on your planet for almost 47 years, and I didn’t know this?? I LOVE lasagna! But now that I know this, I’ll have to share with our youngest daughter, who turns 7 on this very day.

    Thanks for sharing!!


    • Debi Walter says:

      Wow. To share a birthday with such a classic dish as this? I hope your daughter enjoys lasagna. 🙂 Tell her “Happy Birthday” from The Romantic Vineyard!


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