This May Be The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Spouse

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I was touched recently by the tradition of Jerry Orbach to his wife, Elaine. You may remember him from his acting career on Law & Order for 13 years. Elaine will remember him as a faithful husband who never failed daily to tell her what she meant to him. Every morning he wrote her a 4 – 5 line poem expressing his love for her and placed it next to her coffee cup before he left for the day. And each morning after she read it she placed it in a soup tureen in the kitchen. When Jerry passed away in 2004 those little poems represented more to her than anything else he could have given her.

She took the notes and compiled them into a book titled, Remember How I Love You: Love Letters From An Extraordinary Marriage. She died in 2009 shortly after the book was published. Following is what she said on the back cover of the book:

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What a legacy this man provided for his wife and all who knew him. He loved her and his actions proved it. May we all be inspired to make the most of the little ways we are able to express our love. When it’s all said and done we may just realize that these little things were the most important of all.

You can purchase the book on Amazon by clicking here.

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  2. Some simple gesture mean so very much. Thank you for sharing and reminding us.


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