Romance In Marriage–The Eyes Have It!

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Today we’ve posted on the Engaged Marriage blog about the importance of romance in marriage, and it’s most likely not what you think. But first we want to announce the winner in our “Wives Of The Bible” giveaway. Thanks to everyone who took part and for sharing about this excellent book with your Facebook friends as well. I know Jolene appreciates it. And our winner is:

~ Rebecca ~

For those who didn’t win, you can buy a copy of this excellent book by clicking here.

And now for today’s post titled, Romance In Marriage, It’s Easier Than You Think

You can always spot those couples who enjoy a romantic relationship. They’re the ones who sit close together in restaurants as they talk quietly with their eyes intently focused on each other. They’re the ones who have a sparkle in their voice when they speak of their spouse. And they are the ones you know enjoy being together just by the way they look when you see them.

How do they do it? What makes their marriage so attractive, while other couples seem to be bored?

The answer is easier than you might expect. (continue reading at Engaged Marriage)

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  1. Thank you for sharing this great website. I’m all for more romance!


    • Debi Walter says:

      You’re welcome, Rick! And we’ll be offering a guest post the third Wednesday of each month for Dustin at Engaged Marriage. We hope you’ll continue to check out his site. An excellent resource for marriages that want to grow.


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