Happy Hour – #74


Today we want to share with you some great blog posts to help you plan some romance either for Valentines Day, or just because you know your spouse needs it. 

Becoming His Eve

Happy Wives Club

One Flesh Marriage

  • 10 Day Challenge<<Each year Brad and Kate host this very popular challenge–to have sex every day for 10 days leading up to Valentines Day. Before you turn down the idea, we encourage you to read what they have to say.
  • Great Sexual Pleasure<<Brad speaks to the wives about how important it is for husbands to know they can bring YOU pleasure. Great perspective.

The Generous Husband

  • Remember When<<Romance doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Take Paul’s advice and add some of this into your marriage.

The Generous Wife

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Face it, marriage is hard work. But when cultivated daily the fruit produced will satisfy for a lifetime. We're here to help with ideas and encouragement along the way. Having been married 40 years and counting, we share what we've learned with practical tips, Biblical Truths, Date night ideas to help you plow your own vineyard for God's glory.
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