Sometimes There Are No Words…

mem day

Today I can’t shake the heaviness on my heart towards those who have lost a spouse or another member of their family through their valiant service to our country. And I shouldn’t try to shake it. Instead, I want to pray for them as if it were me who had suffered such a loss.

Tom and I talked about their reality last night after watching the National Memorial Day Concert on the White House lawn. They shared the personal stories of their experience, and it was heart-wrenching. And to think they signed up to be such heroes!

One man’s story: John Peck was severely hurt. Came home to recover, and then returned to fight more. But the second time he was caught in an IED explosion he didn’t see coming. He woke up two months later in a hospital with no legs or hands. His wife, whom he loved and needed more than anything, couldn’t take the pain and left him. How tragic for his marriage partner in this life to desert him at the very moment he needed her most. I can’t place judgment on her, for I don’t know all the details of what made her choose to leave. But Tom and I did have a good conversation about what it means to be committed to our marriage 100%. It’s good to remember your marriage vows when times are good to help you through the tough times that are sure to come. If you would like to learn more about this soldier journey to recovery and how you could help, please click the graphic:


We have a long-time friend who serves as an Army Chaplain, and his words are worth repeating on this Memorial Day. Won’t you join us at some point today to pause and pray for the families for whom today really is a tear-filled memorial?

“Sometimes there are no words. Sometimes there aren’t enough tears. And there is never enough honor.”

On each Veteran’s Day we recognize all those who serve in uniform in the defense of our great land. But it is on Memorial Day that we honor all those men and women who never came home. Please, on Monday May the 26th, make every effort to pray for and express your deep gratefulness to the families whose loved one serve with honor and distinction, and who gave their last full measure of devotion to our nation. Let not one of us be named among those who would neglect this duty to our fellow citizens and those they have left behind.

– Chuck Williams, Chaplain of the United States Army

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