(Re)Creation Date Night Idea

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Tonight is special. I’m planning to bless Tom by recreating a dish that he had when we were in Mendocino, California, on vacation a year and a half ago.

I got the idea a while ago, but wasn’t sure how to pull it off, since I had no idea how to make what he had. It was a soup called Miso Healing Bowl. I didn’t taste it so I couldn’t even depend on my tastebuds to guide me. So I did the next best thing…I called the restaurant and asked if they would share the recipe.

The woman who answered the phone was pleasant and willing to help, but she was sad to report that the soup was something the chef created; there was no recipe. I explained to her what I was trying to do, and she loved it. She offered to tell me the ingredients, and I could go from there–so that’s what we did.

Miso Healing Bowl Soup recipe

Have you ever gone somewhere or done something that turned out to be really special to your spouse? Why not do what you can to (re)create that experience for them. It might be cooking a special dish, like I’m doing, or it could be watching a documentary that takes you on a similar excursion, like mountain biking or zip-lining. Take some time a remember some of your favorite moments. Then, decide which one you’d like to use to surprise your spouse.

What a blessing it is to share such special memories. Make them even better by reliving some of your best moments. You could also throw in a game of Romantic Scrabble making the most of all your shared memories.

The point is to bless your spouse by going all out to make them smile. This is what motivates me. I hope it will inspire you as well.

Until next time…Happy Dating!


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  1. This is very inspirational, Debi. I love the idea. Now to think, think, think.


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