Happy Hour


It’s Friday! Time to share with you the posts that qualify for our Specials of the Week. Take some time this weekend to read these. Your marriage will thank you!

Encourage Your Spouse

The Generous Husband

  • A Couple’s Work Can Be Done<<Paul addresses the old adage from a post about A Woman’s Job Is Never Done. Changing this mindset is the beginning of a new level of freedom and enjoyment in your marriage.

Hot, Holy and Humorous

  • A Wife’s Guide To Sexual Man Speak<<J provides practical help in interpreting what your husband most likely means when he says what he says. And men? There’s a great paragraph at the end you don’t want to miss. Both of you read it and see if you don’t walk away with a clearer understanding of each other in regards to your sexual intimacy.

Intimacy In Marriage

Journey To Surrender

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