Leap Day Traditions

Today is Leap Day! I love the challenge of finding a way to apply a holiday in expressing our love to our spouse in a romantic way.

We once knew a couple who were married on Leap Day. I don’t think I would like only seeing my wedding date once every four years. And I don’t encourage us to save our romance for this date alone either.

So what can we do with this extra day? Why not come up with a tradition to  which you can both look forward?

Leap Day Tradition:

L – LIST out all the things you’ve enjoyed doing together over the past four years. ✍

E – EXPRESS your list to your spouse. 😃

A – AFFECTION set aside some time tonight to show your affection to your spouse.😊

P – PRAY together thanking God for all He has done and ask Him for wisdom in the coming four years. 🙏

Make a notebook to keep your list each Leap Day and then over time you can look back with thanks on all God has done.

Crazy Culinary Tradition:

Go out to dinner for frog legs. Now I wouldn’t enjoy this one bit, but if this is your thing go for it!
(IC: funnydam.com)

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