It’s About TIME!

You’re most likely familiar with Jim Croce’s #1 single from the 70’s, Time In A Bottle. If you’re not, you need to be! It’s one of those songs that communicates the value of lasting love. This man shares his desire to save time in a bottle just so he can spend it with his love and to make all her dreams come true.

If I could make days last forever
If words could make wishes come true
I’d save every day like a treasure and then
Again, I would spend them with you

Of course, once you have a few years of marriage under your belt and few kids running around your feet, it’s easy to lose sight of such passion, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Why not communicate your love for your spouse by planning this unique and fun date night as a way of reminding them of your love.

“It’s About Time” Date Night Idea – 

  • Wake your spouse up and let them know “it’s about TIME” you did something special with a flirty smile. You can choose what that something special is–fix them breakfast in bed, bring them coffee, take a shower with them when they’re not expecting you to do so, or make love to start off the day. 🙂 Next…
  • Each hour of the day (TIME slots) provide another reminder to them that you’re thinking of them and your date that night. Ideas: Give them a bottle filled with little notes with the hour marked outside of when they should open it. You could provide: 10 reasons you love them, 10 reasons you’re grateful for them, 10 memories you share since you’ve been together, or 10 Bible verses to encourage them. Or you could have each note offer one word of a sentence they’ll piece together as the day passes. Give the words out of order to make it more challenging. Next…
  • When your spouse arrives home give them TIME alone to relax with their favorite drink and a copy of the New York TIMES, or when you arrive home give your spouse TIME to relax with TIME in their favorite magazine or book. Next…
  • If you’re able to get a babysitter, go out and reminisce about some of your favorite TIMES together. Or visit a local cathedral that’s having a concert on the hour. **Bonus if the cathedral has a clock tower that strikes on the hour.** Next…
  • If you’re staying home, after the kids are in bed watch a movie involving time–Back To The Future is a good choice or another old classic: Somewhere In TIME.

The most important thing to remember with this date is making the most of your TIME together. We never know how long we have. Let’s not waste our TIME doing things that won’t matter in the long run. Our marriage is worth our TIME.

NOTE: When Jim Croce wrote these words he had no idea that his life would end tragically in a plane crash at the age of 30. He left behind a wife and son who still reside in San Diego, CA.

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