Vintage Post – Wisdom Is Speaking

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Originally posted 3.5.2010

Wisdom from 170 years ago still speaks as clearly today. If you have found a husband/wife with whom to share life’s journey, you have within reach the ability to be the happiest of all earthly creatures. Marriage is a gift! Celebrate the good God has given you in your spouse! Enjoy this quote:

The purest happiness of an earthly nature, is that which springs up in a comfortable home, where there is a loving union of hearts between man and wife.

The tender sympathies,
the delicate affections,
the minute attentions,
the watchful solicitudes,
the ceaseless kindnesses of marital love,
–are the sweetest ingredients in the cup of life, and contribute a thousand times more to earthly enjoyment, than all the possessions of wealth, and all the blandishments of rank, station, and fashion.”

by John Angell James, 1841

Think of it – when we treat our spouse with such care we are cultivating an environment where happiness thrives.  This weekend, let’s look for ways to offer:

  • tender sympathies – listening with ears and eyes to what concerns them
  • delicate affections – offering unexpected hugs, kisses and caresses
  • minute attentions – bring them their favorite drink, slippers or reading material
  • watchful solicitudes – sharing your care and concern for their growth in godliness – areas they may not see
  • ceaseless kindnesses of marital love – pursue them, be the initiator and throw of all inhibitions when it comes to loving your spouse

If you’re reading this – God has determined for you to be the one who starts!  We can play the game “They should go first – I want them to do this for me! I deserve it.”  The Bible instructs us with how to handle thoughts like these:

“So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them…”

Matthew 7:12 ESV

Wisdom is speaking – are we listening?

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