Vintage Post – Grace Given Brings Peace

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(Originally posted on April, 21, 2010)

It is late.

It has been one of those nights where I am filled with emotions I don’t understand, much less expect my husband to understand.   Yet I try.  I strive to communicate honestly, even though as I speak what’s troubling me I realize how ridiculous it sounds.

Still…he listens. He asks questions, trying with the best of his ability to “get it” – to get what I’m feeling.


I am a woman.  He is a man.  God has made us completely and utterly different, yet we are ONE. I know he’ll never completely understand what motivates my thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Just as I’ll never understand his logic, his resolve and his unrelenting pursuit of me!

He is a gift.

He is what my soul needs to stay grounded when all around me seems shaken.  He reminds me of eternity by taking my hand and praying for me and with me.  As he does I sense a softening in my questioning heart.  The emotions die down, and I hear my voice follow his as I pray for him.

We are One because the One who created all things has ordained it to be so.  And in our oneness we are invited to participate in glorifying Him.  We do this by choosing in these unstable moments to cling to the only One who is stable!  Our circumstances change from day to day as do our emotions, yet He is the One to be trusted, to cling to, no matter how uncertain the day may become.

Marriage is a union stronger than any other, and it is in days like these where I feel it’s support and God’s tremendous blessing.

It is a gift…

…available only because of the gift of His Son to a dying world.  We live because He lived.  We love because He first loved us.  We press on because this is what brings Him glory.  He has promised to give us grace for the day…how thankful I am for the grace given to me through the love of my husband.

In this I have found peace.

**IT’S YOUR TURN:   When you find yourself in difficulties – relational or otherwise – how do you and your spouse work through it?  What have you found works for you?

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