Freebie Friday: E.G.G.s

Okay – first we must tell you – yesterday’s post on McRomance Cafe’ coming to McDonalds was completely an April Fools joke! Of our many hits yesterday only a few of you clicked on the link to get your free dinner!  If you had the truth would have been discovered – see for yourself by clicking HERE! The good news is this reveals that even if given a free meal you wouldn’t take your spouse out on a date to McDonald’s!  Kuddos to you! 🙂


Today is Good Friday.  It’s the day where we remember what Christ has done for us – giving His life as a ransom for many by His death on a cruel cross – What a Savior!

It is because of this one act that we have hope as husband and wife to grow up in all aspects of grace and godliness.

He not only died, but He Is Risen and lives to intercede for us – each and everyday!

As a way to remember and celebrate – consider giving your spouse a basket full of:

E.G.G.s = Evidences of God’s Grace.

Think of the many ways God has changed your husband/wife in the years since you’ve been together.  Write them out on small strips of paper and insert them into plastic eggs.  Add a couple of jelly beans or their favorite candy and give it to them this weekend.  You may even want to celebrate Communion together in the privacy of your own home.  We have done this before, and it was a powerful reminder of what Christ means to us as a couple.

Have a blessed Easter – May your marriage be filled with Christ’s love and peace!

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2 Responses to Freebie Friday: E.G.G.s

  1. mitsukoshi says:

    Thank you. That brought a tear to my eye. Remembering what Christ has done for us always does, but I so often forget the sacrifices my husband makes for me, out of pure love. It’s so easy to take things for granted, so thank you for reminding me to give thanks for his love.


    • debiwalter says:

      Thank YOU for appreciating all you’ve been given. We pray your marriage will continue to grow and as a result, glorify God! Husbands who live their lives in a sacrificial way are truly unusual in this day and age – a rich means of God’s grace to you (and me). We are blessed!


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