Project 52: Bavarian Dream (Taulbees)

Following is the guest post from our dear friend, Vicki Taulbee, as she and Jeff continue their Passport Dates around the world.

Since we began our journey in January, I’ve noticed a couple of changes in my eyes and ears.

Whenever I’m out and about I find myself scoping out the area for potential international restaurants while scanning billboards and flyers for upcoming community events or some unique activity to incorporate into our dates.  And, I’m a much more attentive listener.  Preferences, likes and dislikes, that Jeff mentions in casual conversation are filed away in my mind for future references.  Hmmm…this is staring to sound a little FBI’ish.  Oh well, it certainly paid off for this month’s datenight.

It all started several weeks ago when Jeff and I were having a conversation about our all time favorite automobiles.  The conversation went something like this, “If money and family size were not a factor, what car would you choose to drive.”  Jeff’s choice, BMW. Knowing that BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works, thus the theme emerged…….Bavaria, the southern region of Germany.

Thanks to the internet, I found a Bavarian restaurant not far from our city.  Since part of my husband’s heritage is German, I knew that he would enjoy the cuisine.  My thought was after dinner we would head to a local BMW dealership and test-drive one of the newest models.  BUT….thanks to my incredible wonderful and gracious and trusting friend who offered to let us borrow her recently aquired BMW, we were able to drive to the restaurant in style!

This was WAY better than a mere test-drive.

For an introduction to the evening I thought it would be fun to eat some large soft pretzels on the way to the restaurant.  So, I decided to keep the theme unrevealed until we had our pretzels in hand.  We left our home to begin our evening together and headed for the designated location, got a couple of pretzels and switched vehicles with my dear friend.  Before we left for the restaurant I gave Jeff a note I’d written to him about a few of the many things I love and appreciate about him.  This man is such a gift to me.  After reading the note and presenting him the passport stamped for Bavaria, we headed out.

Jeff LOVED driving the car.

It was so much fun to see him enjoy this pretty amazing piece of machinery.  The restaurant had quite the service, and the meal we shared was fantastic.  After dinner we took a drive up to a nearby river and walked along the boardwalk (incidentally…we happened upon a Turkish restaurant opening soon- open file- insert for later reference).  We affectionately renamed the river the Blue Danube (a beautiful river that runs through Bavaria).

Our night ended too quickly, and we headed back to our friend’s house to return the car.  We had a great time together, and we were again reminded of our Amazing God and His kindness and grace to us as evidenced in His many blessings:

Babysitters, friends, fun cars, food, beautiful weather and not the least of which…each other.

Talk to you next month.


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7 Responses to Project 52: Bavarian Dream (Taulbees)

  1. Nikki says:

    Vicki! We live VERY close to BMW’s manufacturing facilities! If you guys are ever in Greenville, SC you should head there, they have a guided tour through the plant! Sounds like you had a great date. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. Shauna says:

    What a wonderful date. Your husband is lucky to have someone as thoughtful as you. And man oh man, those pretzels look divine.. I’m nearly drooling.


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  4. Julie says:

    We live in Germany! We love the Bavarian state! It so much fun!


  5. Pam says:

    Mmm…pretzels! This is the second post i’ve read about pretzels on this week’s linky party. I may have to look up a recipe now!


  6. Tiffany says:

    wouldn’t that be fun to borrow someone’s luxury car for a date?! thanks for sharing such a fun date idea!
    tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}


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