Project 52: The Taulbees Visit Jamaica-man

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This month’s travels took us to the tropical island of Jamaica!  This was a particular favorite of mine because my family heritage is Jamaican, and I especially enjoy the flavorful cuisine.  Having been exposed to Caribbean cooking through my family, Jeff has acquired quite a taste for it as well.  Unfortunately, what I did not acquire was the skill of cooking Caribbean food.  Thankfully I was able to find a local restaurant that could provide us with some of our favorites.
Our date night took place at home this time and gave me another opportunity to include our two boys.

We blocked off the dining room and made it off-limits to Jeff until the evening.  Earlier in the week we picked up some yellow, green and black construction paper and made a large Jamaican flag then added it to our dinning room decor.  We also pulled out some various tropical place mats and decorations and hung them around the room.

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Earlier in the day, we picked up dinner and kept it covered in a warm oven all afternoon. Thankfully I was able to contain the spiced filled aromas so my work-from-home husband couldn’t be tipped off.

When the time came to reveal our destination to Jeff, The boys and I gathered in dining room where I slipped a brightly colored dress over my clothes, put an island shirt on my second son and a dread-lock wig on my oldest son.

I turned on Jamaican radio station I found on line and called Jeff into the dining room.  He got a really good laugh from the sight of his family and joined us in some island dancing! 🙂

We all sat down and enjoyed our meal.  Although I ended up making some ham and cheese sandwiches for the boys.  It seems they haven’t acquired “the taste” as of yet.

After dinner we put the kids to bed and actually had to finish packing for a weekend trip that our family was about to take.  I was hoping we would have had time to watch Cool Runnings – a movie that came out in 1993.  It was about a Jamaican Olympic bobsled team that was quite funny.  I was able to communicate with Jeff an evidence of God Grace that I’ve observed in his life in the last couple of weeks.

All-in-all,  it was a great evening!  I love planning these times with Jeff and watching him enjoy our family. God is so good!

Ya-man!  Talk to you next month!!

Project 52 is the idea of Simply Modern Moms.  If you would like to start it’s not too late!  Simply follow the link below for all the details!

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  1. cool runnings was one of my favorite childhood movies. thanks for sharing the idea!
    tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}


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