Project 52: The Taulbees Visit Italy

For those of you who don’t remember, Jeff and Vicki Taulbee are good friend of ours who have taken the Project 52 Challenge, but tweaked it down to fit their schedule.  Vicki plans a special date once a month to a different Passport location.  She has been faithful all year to take Jeff all over the world.  And she’s been kind to share their journey with us.  So, if you’ve missed her previous post – click here!  You’ll discover how creative she is when it comes to romancing her man! So without further adieu…


This month our travels took us to the wonderful land of Italy.

I decided to hint at the theme by emailing Italian love messages to Jeff throughout the day.  For example:

  • Ti amo con tutta l’anima – I love you with all my heart
  • amore mio – my love
  • Un milione di baci – Love and kisses
  • Voglio vederti stasera – I want to see you tonight

He had a pretty busy day and didn’t get a chance to decipher them, but he enjoyed the mystery.

Once again I was able to involve the kiddies in this date night.  It was a lot of fun listening to the boys tell their dad that he can’t go in the “special room” (aka our dining room)!  Then proceed to shut off all access to it when he would come through the house.  It was pretty funny.
In the “special room” we strung up green yarn back and forth between opposite walls and hung up large paper grape clusters that we cut and colored that afternoon.  We also made large green paper leaves and hung those on our “vine”.  Thus our dining room was transformed into an Italian vineyard.

For dinner I picked up a couple of dishes from a great local Italian restaurant – Amalfi’s Italian Restaurant around the corner from our house.  Jeff loves Chicken Marsala, so that was on the menu for sure.  Coupled with a salad and some bread, there was plenty for all of us to share.  The kids enjoyed eating in the vineyard.  Truth be told, dinner was a bit hectic… it tends to be with 3 little people needing to be corrected, fed, encouraged or cleaned.  But, it made the second half of our evening all the more appreciated.

When our babysitter arrived, we headed out to a local resort hotel called the Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Studios.  The entire resort is dedicated to replicating Italian architecture and atmosphere.  There are large piazzas, a lagoon with boats anchored in the water, restaurants, shops and nightly entertainment all focused on representing some aspect of Italian life.

The resort is located on Universal Studios property and you can enter the resort via the parking lot or a ferry.  We opted for the ferry and it was worth the effort it took to get there.  So beautiful, so scenic, so relaxing……….just what we needed.

We made our way upstairs to the hotel lobby, found one of many vacant and extremely comfy couches, propped our feet up and let out a big exhale!!!   Ahhhhhh!  So nice to be chatting and relaxing with the man I love the most in this world!

After awhile, we headed back downstairs to this cute Italian shop that we spotted on the way in.  We chose a chocolate pistachio gelato and shared it on the piazza while a woman sang Italian opera on the terrace above.

All of this under a full moon!  Truly an amazing night………..what a blessing.

Until next month

Want to join Project 52?  It’s a weekly date night challenge thought up by the Simply Modern Mom blog.  To get all the details, simply click on the button below.  It has been such a fun journey doing this challenge with other couples.  Why not check it out!

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