The Marriage Stage

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It’s easy to think a good marriage is played out with beautiful background music by a well dressed symphony orchestra.  The stage is lined with dimly lit candles adding the perfect ambiance.  The main characters always know what to say and how to say it.  Life has been scripted and everyone knows they must follow their part in order to secure a happy ending.  We love happy endings, don’t we?

But this is not reality.

Marriage doesn’t play out on a stage…or does it?  We DO have an audience: our children, neighbors, friends and most importantly – God!  He is the audience who matters most!

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A good marriage is one where commitment is the main character no matter how the scenes change.  One day it may be a romantic comedy, and the next day a full-fledged drama.  There are accidents, unplanned conflicts and illnesses.  It’s as if the director throws in unexpected twists in the story.  The director in our marriage is God.  He’s the One who took two completely opposite individuals and decided to do a miraculous thing – join them together as one flesh.  He is the One who plans our days and months and years.  He knows what we need more than we do.  He is rightfully the director, and He should be listened to daily.  In times like these commitment is required to stay engaged.

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Our struggles are as much a part of the story as our most romantic times together.  How we respond to each other and all of life matters.  What glorifies Him is living our life in the way He desires and considering others (insert spouse here) as more important than ourselves.

So, how ready are you on the marriage stage?  Have you studied your part well?  Do you know what is required of the husband’s role and the wife’s role?  It’s a part made just for you.  Those who study well will receive accolades from the only One who matters.

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