Happy Hour

Here are some blog posts featured on some of our favorite marriage blogs that we believe are “special” and worth your time.



  • Finding What You Want: It’s A Numbers Game – this is a brand new blog by Malinda Essex, and although this post isn’t primarily about marriage, the point she makes can easily be applied to our pursuit of a better marriage.  Read it and share how you think this applies to your marriage?  Are you willing to go all out and take chances?  (Great post, Mindy!)

A Grown Up Marriage

  • What Do You Really Want – although this post is about a partial review of a book we haven’t read, the take on it here is quite thought-provoking.  Thanks to The Generous Husband for introducing this blog to us!
  • About A Grown Up Marriage – this blog is quite new, only a few months since it began, but here you’ll hear what motivated the start.

The Generous Husband

  • Thank You – Guys, this is a great list of meaningful ways to say this phrase to your wife.  She’ll be sure to thank you for your thank you!

The Generous Wife

Marriage Gems

The Happy Wives Club

  • Grateful – although this post is from the last part of April, I just now had a chance to read it.  And it seemed like a nice balance to The Generous Husband’s similar post for the men.

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