A Marriage Flight

A wine connoisseur is familiar with a wine flight; it is a sampling of up to four different wines at a time to compare and enjoy.

Today we’re offering a flight of a different nature.  We’re calling it A Marriage Flight. This is where we hold up another marriage and swirl it around to see the many facets that make it work.  And most of all it’s to marvel at what God has done in their relationship and how He is using it for His glory and for the good of others.  We recently had the privilege of speaking with this precious couple face to face (well, face to face over Skype!) and today we want to introduce them and their ministry to you.

Meet Steve and Cindy Wright with Marriage Missions International.

Steve and Cindy Wright

Marriage Missions Int’l began nearly a decade ago simply as a way to communicate the wealth of marriage tips God had given to the Wright’s.  What started as a small thing with a focused mission quickly grew into a worldwide outreach to marriages in places like Africa, the Middle East and abroad. They provide marriage helps and encouragement that are Biblically based and Gospel centered to many third world countries.  Because their resources are free, it is sought out by many who have no other means of getting the help they need.

Their love story is amazing, and hearing how God has used it to draw others to them is even more so.

Cindy says, “Everywhere we go people notice us.  They notice how we love each other, how we treat each other, and they seek us out to find out the secret of our happiness.”

Once Cindy became a Christian it was placed in her heart to become a missionary, but with both Steve and Cindy facing physical limitations, it wasn’t long before she realized such a dream wouldn’t be possible.  Or would it?

The Wright’s have always adhered to the conviction of saying “yes” to the Lord.  Whatever it was He desired, they wanted to be available for service to Him.  And seeing the success of their ministry, it is obvious that if they couldn’t go to the world, then He would bring the world to them!

“What God hath wrought?” was the first telegraph message sent in Morse Code, and we believe Steve and Cindy could offer this quote as well.  For they are as surprised as anyone with what God has done in their nearly 40 years of marriage.  It is all for His glory, and you will see this stated all over their website.

Their marriage motto is, “We never want to deny God anything.”

Their favorite marriage author is Gary Thomas, one of our favorites as well.

Steve works “full-time” with the  Family Life Radio Network and has for 33 years.  They live in Tucson, AZ, and have two grown sons.  One lives in S. Korea with his wife and family.  The other son, John, lives in Mesa, AZ, with his wife.   He is their web developer and is the reason they have such a quality website.  Given the distance of family and grandchildren, Cindy’s time is devoted to managing the website and studying extensively God’s perspective on the marriage relationship.  This devotion has produced a website chocked full of rich biblical truth for nearly any topic desired.  Here is a sampling of the topics you’ll find discussed:

  • Save My Marriage
  • Remarriage
  • Extramarital Affair
  • Abuse in Marriage
  • Preparing for Marriage
  • Romance in Marriage
  • Communication and Conflict

The list goes on and on.  In fact, we don’t know if there’s any topic they haven’t addressed in their ten years of ministry.

Steve and Cindy carry in their hearts a love for people, a passion for marriage and most of all an infectious love for God and His glory.  We pray God will continue to bless their lives and ministry with everything He has planned for them.  One thing is certain –


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