The Summer of Wise Living

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Wisdom.  What exactly is it?  We may not be able to define it quickly but we certainly know when someone is lacking it.

  • a teenager who foolishly follows the crowd into trouble.
  • a husband who speaks harshly to his wife in front of the children.
  • a wife who belittles her husband in front of friends.
  • an employee who isn’t honest on the phone with a customer.
  • One who won’t listen to constructive criticism.

The Bible says those who lack wisdom are foolish.  But it doesn’t leave us in our foolishness.  James 1:5 says:

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.

Do you desire to grow in wisdom?  Do you long to know the right thing to say at the right time?  The Bible says we should ask God who will give it to us “generously.”  What a blessing to be given something when sought after wholeheartedly.

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We started a series a few weeks ago in our Water Into Wine posts to take one Proverb a week and read it looking for nuggets of wisdom to apply to our marriage.  What we didn’t know was God was moving on the leadership of our church to spend this summer examining this theme: Wisdom for Life.  It has been timely for us to hear the preached Word of God highlighting the very theme we’re seeking to share with you.

This past Sunday the topic addressed was Wisdom in Singleness.  It was an eye-opening message that caused us to rethink how we think, which is the goal of wisdom, right?  Benny Phillips, one of our pastors, said the following,

“Undivided devotion to Christ is what defines us, not our marital status. Do I see my friends as who they are in Christ, or if they are married or single?

Good marriages are not solely because we’re Christian – there are many good marriages who don’t acknowledge Christ at all.  What makes our marriage good is the power of the Gospel at work in our lives individually.  The purpose of a God-glorifying marriage is no different than the purpose of a God-glorifying single life;  It is ALL to glorify HIM!

Well said!  This has been the theme of The Romantic Vineyard and our marriage – to glorify God in how we live our lives and treat each other.  So, from now on we’re committing to encourage our single friends in the same way we encourage our married friends – both are called to glorify God in the season they are living.  One day we will all be in Heaven where the only marriage celebrated is our union with Christ.  This is the goal and hope of every Christian and must be what defines us.  What is it that defines you?

We pray 2011 will become our Summer of Wise Living.

This post #5 of The Ultimate Blogging Challenge to post everyday during the month of July.

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