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New life – there’s nothing like it. Whether you’re a new born baby, like our 1st great nephew, Django Kelly Sanchez, who was born on Saturday:

Django Kelly

Or you’re newly born again. (I will celebrate my spiritual 42nd birthday on December 5th.) There is something about new life that invigorates; it inspires fresh hope, fresh dreams and fresh faith for the future.

When was the last time your marriage experienced new life? It happens when we first say our I do’s. It can happen with the birth of our children, and it can happen at various times throughout our marriage. But sometimes there can be a long stretch between those moments.

What if there was a way to infuse new life now?

We believe it is possible to cultivate new life on a regular basis, and it starts in your heart, not the heart of your spouse. Start treating your spouse the way you would want them to treat you – be kind, be thoughtful, be intentional and most of all be willing to serve your spouse in unexpected ways. Look for things which need to be done and DO them. Listen to areas where you spouse is stretched and lend a helping hand. Pray for your spouse, and ask them specifically how they could use your prayers – and then be faithful to do it.

New life in marriage really does begin in our own hearts and minds. If you want to see your marriage change for the better, then take the first step, and watch what God will do. We’ve seen it time and time again, one partner takes the initiative with faith in God, and the other responds in like manner. Never underestimate the power your prayers and your kindness will have on your current situation as you begin to step out in faith. It doesn’t take long for new growth to appear when the choking weeds have been pulled from a garden.

It is also fun to plan some special time to be together as husband and wife. With Thanksgiving this Thursday, you may or may not have time to go out on a date, but in case you do – here is what’s happening:

♥ Fun Dates To Celebrate ♥

November 21

  • World Hello Day – Although intended to help promote world peace by encouraging you to talk with 10 different people about this topic, why not say hello to your spouse in 10 different languages and see if they guess the language. You could text them to them throughout the day, offering a prize if they get all the languages correct. 🙂

November 22

  • Go For A Ride Day – Whether it’s “over the river and through the wood,” or “born to be wild” kind of ride. Be sure to enjoy the beautiful fall weather on a long drive including great conversation.

November 23

  • Eat a Cranberry Day – serve one to your spouse at dinner. When they ask why? Wish them a Happy Eat A Cranberry Day! I bet you’ve never done that before!
  • National Cashew Day – Any excuse to chow down on this delicious nut is appreciated.

November 24

  • Thanksgiving – Be sure to spend a few moments together in prayer thanking God for the marriage He’s blessed you with.

November 25

  • Black Friday – Celebrate the color black – here’s some ideas: black lingerie, black bow tie, black licorice, black leather, black eyed-peas, black bean soup, you get the idea.
  • Buy Nothing Day – Yep, I bet the shopping haters of the world designated this day in support of their cause.
  • National Parfait Day – Who doesn’t want more calories after the biggest calorie consumption holiday of the year? Go ahead – you scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!

♥ Things To Do In Orlando ♥

100 Holiday Events in Orlando – a complete guide to what’s happening in Central Florida.

Where To Dine Out on Thanksgiving Day in Orlando


  • Winter Park – Music in the Galleries – Morse Museum of Art offers an Open House on Fridays through April from 4p – 8p. Music is provided as well. The have a nice gift shop if you’re looking for an unusual gift. FREE.





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