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Five Friday Favorites – Florida, The Sunshine State

I am a native Floridian and I love it here. Even with all the changes in traffic, population, congestion, and humidity, Florida is home. Tom and I have the privilege of traveling quite a bit. With him officially retired we … Continue reading

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If Marriage Had A Fountain Of Youth

I remember as a child hearing of Ponce de Leon’s pursuit of The Fountain Of Youth. It was said to be somewhere in Florida, and it was told he spent his life trying to find it. But he never did … Continue reading

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Catch Me If You Can

Humpty DumptyDebi had a great fall… Last week I took an unexpected fall. I was waiting on Tom to meet me at Starbucks when it started to rain. Fortunately, I was under one of the huge green umbrellas many stores … Continue reading

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Creative Dates Inspired By Song of Solomon – Part 2

Welcome back! We are excited to share a couple of more date ideas based on the most romantic and sensual book in the Bible–The Song of Solomon. Date #3 – Picnic With A View While the king was on his … Continue reading

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Don’t Ditch Your Marriage!

It all happened a few years ago when we were on a business trip in Detroit. We happened to pass by an apple orchard. Since I’m from Florida, I had never seen an orchard during harvest time, and I was … Continue reading

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Romantic St. Augustine, FL

Guest blogger Allie Olsen of Simply St.Augustine hopes you’ll have one of your most romantic getaways ever in the historic city of St. Augustine, Florida! Before you go, like Simply St. Augustine on facebook and follow on twitter @SimplyStAug As … Continue reading

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Intimate Distance

  The title is an oxymoron we are living right now. I am in Atlanta and haven’t seen Tom for week. I won’t see him until late Friday night, and to say I miss him is a huge understatement. In … Continue reading

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Journal Entry from June 2006: The expiration date said June 25th.  I have never had to notice this part of the orange juice carton, that is, until now.  My 24 year old son, who loves orange juice so much that … Continue reading

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My Dad

Our first post in our Reflection series is actually reflections from my childhood, years before I would become Mrs. Tom Walter. I wrote this the year after my Dad died, which you’ll hear more about tomorrow. From June 2004: Father’s … Continue reading

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Romantic Orlando: Sunrise – Sunset

Living in Florida we have an advantage over every other state in the union; we have an east coast and a west coast. This gave us an idea for a unique date day; we have yet to do it because of … Continue reading

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How Are You at Reckoning

Our time away is nearly over. It has been good to pull away, to talk, to be silent, to shop, to laugh, to sleep, to…well, you get the idea. It has been good {period}. 🙂 We were driving today from … Continue reading

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Romantic Sleigh Ride – Florida Style

When Tom got home from work yesterday he asked if I would get the mail. When I opened the door going into our garage – I screamed! There, parked in Tom’s space was a silver convertible! I found out he … Continue reading

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A Fragrant Aroma – Listen and Love

I am writing this post in a hurry. You see, my Mom called me on Wednesday morning saying she didn’t feel right – she was dizzy and her arms felt weak. I immediately asked her the stroke questions: What’s your … Continue reading

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A Fragrant Aroma – Beauty in the Desert

I was born in Orlando.  I have never lived outside of the state of Florida.  I love the beach, and even if I am unable to go as often as I would like, just knowing it is there is a … Continue reading

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A Fragrant Aroma – Spontaneous Wins

This past Saturday it was time to say goodbye yet again to our daughter, our son-in-law and our two grandchildren.  They had been visiting from Atlanta, (still a very strange concept for me) for over a week, and we had … Continue reading

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A Fragrant Aroma

Normally our Fragrant Aroma post is about a snapshot of our marriage right now.  But today we will share with you something to watch for NEXT WEEK. Last summer my sister-in-law, Sherry, sent an e-mail out to the girls in … Continue reading

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