Happy Hour

A Marriage Restored (the first of two new blogs this week.)

Allison Vesterfelt (another new blog–one well worth reading.)

Hot, Holy and Humorous

  • Tickling The Marriage Funny Bone – we all need to take time to do this on a regular basis. What? Laugh! J provides several videos to help you find your marriage funny bone. Enjoy…

Marriage Life

  • A Feather Here, A Feather There – This is an excellent post with a great story on the importance of protecting your spouse’s reputation. Please read it, your spouse and friends will thank you.

Mission: Wife

  • Why Doesn’t He Change – if you’ve asked this question or prayed this to God, please take a moment to read this short post. It packs a powerful truth.

One Flesh Marriage

  • Arm-Wrestling Well In Marriage – a great post on how to struggle well in your relationship. Struggles are a reality we all have and will continue to have. This post offers sage advice.

The Stupendous Marriage Show

  • One Year Anniversary – Congratulations to Stu and Lisa! If you haven’t listened to one of their excellent, fun and helpful shows, please do so. You will be encouraged and helped.

The Daily ReTort

  • Love, Finding A Definition That Works – an excellent guest post by a friend of Tor’s. Tor and his wife just had their third baby, so he is taking a much appreciated (by his wife) break.
The Generous Wife 

To Love, Honor And Vacuum


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This is post #14 in the Ultimate Blog Challenge to post everyday in July.

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