What Motivates You?

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He’s the oldest Olympian taking part in the 2012 London Games, and at 71 he’s the most respected.

Meet Hiroshi Hoketsu from Japan. He first entered the Olympics in 1968 where he competed in Equestrian Jumping. His second time at the games was in 2008 in Beijing. Although he never won a medal for his participation, this didn’t stop him from coming back a third time.

Why, you may ask?

Because he loves to compete, whether or not he receives the gold, silver or bronze. And this love and devotion has had an impact on all who know him. He would consider returning in 2016, but his horse, Whisper, will be too old to compete.

What can we learn from Mr. Hoketsu for our marriages? Mostly that loyalty and commitment that last a lifetime are to be praised regardless of the praise or rewards received from men. When asked how long he plans to compete, listen to what he said, “as long as I feel I keep improving.” His goal isn’t to win the gold or even a medal for that matter.

His goal is to keep improving.

Imagine if we took our motivation from the fact that our marriage is improving each year? We may not be where we want to be, but we can thank God that we aren’t where we were this time last year or five years ago.

Tom and I have been away this past week with one mindset–to not look behind, but to look ahead. Sure we have many disappointments that have transpired in the past few years, but God is calling us to focus on pursuing what’s to come, like this 71 year old Equestrian rider. As long as improving is our goal, there is no limit to what God can do in and through our marriage. And there is no limit to what God can do in yours!

The question is what motivates us to push forward? Is it being the best or simply being better? 


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  1. I love this idea of not competing just to “win” something. Thank you for the reminder that just being in the game is an accomplishment. I’m so glad that any “well done” I receive won’t be for my accomplishments anyway, but for His power at work in my weakness. I want to live this way and appreciate you pointing my eyes where they need to be.


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