The House Our Marriage Built – Part 2

Yesterday we began the analogy of seeing our marriage as a house with many different rooms. If you missed it, we encourage you to read it before continuing with today’s post.

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The next room we want to explore is the bathroom. This is the place where most of us go first thing in the morning to make an assessment of ourselves in the mirror. We take a close look at our hair, face, and teeth, etc. to make sure everything looks presentable. Sometimes our spouse helps us see things we would otherwise miss.

In our marriage this is the time when we take a close look at our own life and how we’re doing in regards to, well…everything. Sometimes we are well aware of the areas in which we need to change, but oftentimes we need the input of our spouse who knows us better than anyone else in this life, to help us see blind spots.

Imagining a home without a bathroom seems ridiculous.

So should the thought of a marriage without this kind of personal examination. We need to take a close look in the mirror of our marriage on a regular basis. It may require replacing an old mirror for a newer mirror in order to help us see accurately, without distortions.

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Are you open to hearing constructive criticism from your spouse? Do you feel they are after your best interest in doing so, or do you feel they are being overly critical? When was the last time you received their input with gratefulness, instead of disregarding it?

Our last room is the bedroom.

This is the room reserved only for the two of you. It represents your intimacy on all levels–emotionally, spiritually and physically. It should be free from the clutter of everyday life and be a place where rest is encouraged and love is expressed.

Neglecting this room can be the most detrimental to the marriage house, affecting every other room. Intimacy must be guarded and cultivated on a regular basis or your marriage will drift. A little drift results in getting way off course in the future.

Can your spouse share with you anything that concerns them? Do you offer them a listening ear and caring heart whenever they need your support? Do they offer this to you? If not, know that the bedroom of your house needs attention.

Finally, it’s important to remember the foundation of our marriage house is Christ.

He alone is able to sustain us through every situation we face. He is faithful–always has been and always will be.

We end with this story by Matt Redman.

It was told that his family was moving from Atlanta back to the UK. After packing everything and sending his family on a plane ahead of him, he took a final walk through their empty home. It was standing here, inside the walls that had been their marriage house, that he began worshiping God. The following song is the result of his encounter with God, remembering His faithfulness to them in all they had faced together in their marriage. May God give you the strength to continue working on and making your marriage house everything God desires.

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7 Responses to The House Our Marriage Built – Part 2

  1. See… I always consider the bedroom the FIRST and the LAST room of the house. Since before one gets to the bathroom, one has to depart the marital bed and bedroom…


    • Debi Walter says:

      Roy, I suppose I can see your point. And yes, I agree the bedroom is the first and last room. It is, by far, the most important room in the house and should be treated as such!


  2. Amanda says:

    This was a great series! I love the analogy of the house. I especially liked the “front door” since I think it is really important that we as Christians portray marriage as good and positive and fun. Thanks again for the inspiration in these posts!


    • Debi Walter says:

      Thank you, Amanda. It’s amazing how a simple analogy can help you see an area of your marriage in a fresh way. Thanks for sharing it with your readers too! We appreciate it.


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  4. Brian says:

    As an architect (and a husband) these two really spoke to me. We must be SO intentional, focused on always building our “house” – and not demolishing!


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