Romantic Movie Moments

Photo Credit: Jeff

Photo Credit: Jeff

Have you ever been enjoying a movie when a scene happens that affects you to the core? 

I have had this happen a few times–they’re called touchstones, where a scene touches a part of your heart and allows you to identify with the scene/words on a deeper level. This is why I love good movies and good music, for that matter. They have a way of helping you see a certain situation, difficult or a blessing, with fresh eyes.

Most of you have read our blog long enough to know that You’ve Got Mail is one of those movies for me. There are so many touchstones that I can’t count them all. I watch this movie at least once a year and usually cry to my heart’s content. I even bought the soundtrack because I love the music!

One song in particular isn’t well known. It plays at the end of the movie while the credits are scrolling, and it’s by far one of my all-time favorite artists, Carole King. The song is titled, Anyone At All, and basically tells our love story. I had been in a long-term relationship that ended unexpectedly after two years. It was the hardest thing I had been through at that time of my life, but it was a God-thing. After four months of heartache and sadness my phone rang one day, and it was just like the song says, “an old friend calling out of the blue! I’m so glad it was YOU!”

That phone call took place 37 years ago this month! And what a gift Tom has been to me. I can’t imagine who I would be if it weren’t for his love and care. And now I can see that the heartache I was experiencing was leading me to the one God had planned for me to marry all along.

It has helped me to see that often the most difficult roads lead to the most beautiful views that we would otherwise miss.

Take a few minutes and enjoy this song. I’m so glad Carole King made this video recently, it brings the movie and the song to life! Enjoy…

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  1. I love “You’ve Got Mail”!

    Another favourite is the 1995 version of “Sabrina”, with Harrison Ford.


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