Laughing Place Challenge

Photo Credit: Wonders of Disney

Photo Credit: Wonders of Disney

One of my favorite Disney movies is Song Of The South about the tales of Uncle Remus and his crafty friend, Brer Rabbit.

He is always outsmarting Brer Fox and Brer Bear, and I love the scene when Brer Fox had  captured Brer Rabbit andwas cooking him for dinner. All was going according to his plan until Brer Rabbit got the idea about his laughing place. The story ends up with Brer Fox and Brer Bear taking Brer Rabbit to his laughing place, which ends up being a bee hive in some bushes. When Brer Bear and Brer Fox are being chased away by the bees, Brer Rabbit is heard laughing…

“Haha! I didn’t say it was your laughing place Brer Bear; I said it was my laughing place!”

We all need a place where we can go for some comic relief when life gets is a bit too serious. The Bible encourages laughter in Proverbs 17:22 saying, “Laughter does good like a medicine.”

Tom and I recently heard Michael Jr. speak at Dave Ramsey’s Smart Conference. The Lord has helped him see that his ability to make people laugh is more than just a career, it’s a ministry. He has started going to hospitals and prisons for the sole purpose of helping them find their laughing place and at the same time, pointing them to the Savior who is their ultimate healer.

What about you? How do you and your spouse make laughter a regular part of your marriage?

If you can’t remember, I encourage you to find a way–make it a personal challenge to make your spouse laugh. It will be good for them and for you, not to mention laughing is fun!

The best place to start? Learning to laugh at yourself. If we’re paying attention we provide lots of opportunities to make ourselves laugh by the things we say and/or do. I make myself laugh all the time. Now the real challenge is helping Tom see that what I say is funny. He usually laughs at me laughing at myself. I guess that works, don’t you think?

Here are a couple of recommendations to help you find your laughing place:

Michael Jr.

Tim Hawkins 

Have a laughing challenge date night: Each of you pick You Tube videos that you think are funny and take turns showing them to each other. See which one makes you laugh the most and that will determine the winner. The  most important thing is to have fun together in your very own laughing place.

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