2018 Date Night Challenge – The Letter “U”

It’s been a while since we’ve posted about our date challenge. That’s due to the fact that the two letters for October were a “challenge” to plan.

  • I had an unexpected trip to GA to help our youngest daughter who was babysitting for our oldest daughter. One weekend gone.
  • Tom volunteered to help with this year’s election, Get Out The Vote, initiative. This took him away for another weekend.
  • We traveled the northern part of the state distributing Voter Guides to different counties requesting them. Three weekends gone.

And in the off time when we were together, we were too tired to plan anything. We understand when you say you’re too busy to think, much less plan a date. But we must if we are to lean into our relationship during busy seasons. Otherwise we drift!

We decided to make our “U” date – Unplugged.

We spent an entire day not using our Smart Phones, computers or tablets. It was a challenge in the truest definition of the word. It forced us to think and ponder, which is hard to do with the distractions always available to us. As we pondered we talked, and as we talked we grew in our Understanding of what is on our minds and why. There was a moment when Tom made a conclusion about something that I don’t think he would have reached without being Unplugged. It was worth it!

Unplugging is a hard, but necessary choice to make from time to time. It is good for us personally and relationally. If you’ve not tried it, we encourage you to do so. You may discover what is really weighing on your heart. It takes pondering and being Undistracted to hear the whisper.

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