Try This With Your Married Friends For Valentine’s Day

A Victorian Valentine similar to the one we had the men in our small group write to their wives.
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The year was about 1990. Valentine’s Day was near, so we decided to celebrate with the couples in our Small Group. We had an older couple who was a part of our group from the beginning. They practiced hospitality to perfection. The rest of us marveled at what they did, how they did it, and how relaxed they were in the process. I didn’t know it then, but God was using their example to stir a similar passion in our marriage.

Lester and Dolores not only prepared the entire meal, but they served us on on tables beautifully set with their finest china. We felt spoiled whenever we were invited to dine at their home. This party would be no different.

What we didn’t know was the “activity” Lester had planned for us to do following the meal. He had purchased identical, blank Valentine’s cards and handed them out to all the husbands beforehand. The instructions were to write a romantic Valentine to your wife, but without using any nicknames, or inside jokes that would give your identity away. They were told not to sign their name.

After dinner Lester read each Valentine aloud, and it was the wives goal to identify which one their husband had written. It wasn’t as easy as you would think. The one that really stumped everyone said, “Honey, your all the woman I’ll ever need!” We all laughed at that one, but none of us could guess who said it.

Lester gave a coy smile that let us know he was the one who had penned those words. Dolores blushed and said, “Oh, Les!”

This dear couple was old enough to be our parents, yet they made it clear to us that romance doesn’t wane as the years pass. It only grows more precious..and that’s what they did week after week; They showed us what lifelong love looks like and it was compelling.

Sadly, Lester and Dolores are no longer in our lives, Les went to be with the Lord shortly after Tom’s 50th birthday. Dolores relocated to be near her daughter. Yet there isn’t a Valentine’s Day or Christmas that passes where I don’t think of them both and offer a prayer of thanks to God for blessing us with their example. I miss them!

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4 Responses to Try This With Your Married Friends For Valentine’s Day

  1. What a terrific idea!

    I’ve written Barb a sonnet for Valentine’s Day. Since she doesn’t read blogs (and she’s totally busy with work and helping care for a seriously ill friend) I can reproduce it here with no risk of ruining the surprise.

    I knew when I saw her, this was no trifle
    and when we parted, I blew a kiss.
    She waved back, smiling, with her rifle
    on the way to the Zombie Apocalypse.
    I wanted a wife, and who would not?
    who could cook and clean and sew
    and who was also an excellent shot,
    to fell the undead with a single blow.
    Her skill in the kitchen, ah, such a life
    of rich meats and veggies chopped;
    but it’s a bonus, expertise with a knife
    meant the zombies’ heads were lopped.
    Her joy in explosives, I’d love to sing it
    but a sonnet has a fourteen-line limit.

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  2. What a sweet story and a good idea, too.


  3. cindyschulman says:

    I didn’t happen to be at this party …. but a few of my favorite party ideas to this day (as well as the cranberry meatballs I make at Christmas) are from sweet Dolores!! Thank you for this reminder of that precious couple!!

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