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Is Your View Of Marriage Too Small?

If you are a parent you know the challenge it is getting your child to see the big picture of why they do things. I remember asking my children to pick up their room cluttered with every toy from their … Continue reading

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Happy Hour

This week’s specials are from two of our favorite authors–men we highly respect. Please take some time this weekend to get to know them. These two posts are examples of how practical and helpful they are when facing difficulty. Have … Continue reading

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Manipulating Motives

Our pastor often asks the question, “Why do you do the things you do, and who do you do them for?” It’s a great question to help discover what motivates you in the mundane of everyday life. But have you ever … Continue reading

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Happy Hour

I am so sorry we haven’t had the time this past week to read other marriage blogs the way we usually do. As a result we don’t have our regular list of “special posts” for your weekend reading enjoyment. But … Continue reading

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What Does A Healthy Marriage Look Like?

School is about to begin and many parents are rushing to have their children’s annual Health Examination with a qualified doctor.  It is good to have regular check-ups in order to evaluate our body – to determine what’s healthy and … Continue reading

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