Happy Hour

Today I am happier than ever–Tom has joined me in Atlanta and just met our newest granddaughter, Stella Grace, for the first time. It has been a long 11 days without him. He flew in last night, and I felt like we’re dating again and how I anticipated his next visit to see me. It makes us compassionate for those who are separated for really long stretches of time and have no choice in the matter. This picture says it all!

Now for the posts we’ve marked Special Of The Week. Enjoy:

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Marriage Gems

One Flesh Marriage

  • An Ostrich’s Response To Emotions – So guys, are you an ostrich? It’s not so hard to fix–read this post to learn how.
  • My Husband Is A Greek God – This one will be tempting for the men to read, but it’s really intended for the wives. Excellent thoughts from Kate that will help you change how you see your husband.

The Generous Wife

Warrior Wives

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